In the name of God

I testify Ali is friend of God

(اشهد ان علیا ولی الله)

The “Alborhan” channel and website are the bridges of communication with the respected users.

We are not bound to post something on the channel every day, but we plan to publish useful and thoughtful material to promote the wilayah of Amir al-Mu’minin (peace be upon him) and Imam Asr (may our souls be sacrificed for him) and the publication of the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them).

Since our intention is publishing the teachings of the Qur’an and narrations we try to say nothing but from Thaqalayn, so the material is not ours and saying them and copying them without mentioning our name and the name of the channel or its admin is okay.

See a summary of the channel’s goals below:

۱- Examining the strategies that the infallibles (the 14 innocents) have mentioned in the narrations for coming out of the occultation period, as well as mentioning the diverting, deterring and neglecting factors for the Shiites towards their negligence of the Imam of the time, and also the factors that enhance the ability of the Shiites to help Imam Zaman’s reappearance.

۲- Mentioning the duties of the Shiites in the occultation period, the necessity of Tawalli (Arabic: تَوَلّی) (Loving the Ahl al-Bayt) and the Tabarri (Arabic: تبرّي) (dissociating oneself from the enemies of God and the enemies of religion’s authorities), the meaning of knowing the Imam and its types, the characteristics of Imam Zaman’s companions as well as narration of some of the meetings with Imam Zaman.

۳- Our reason for proving the wilayah of Amir al-Mu’minin (peace be upon him) is the virtues that exist in the Thaqalayn and no one has them but the innocents and need to be said to create the unity that the Qur’an is a symbol of, we prove that the principal pillar of the denial of Imamate which was formed by the formation of the Saqifa is disintegrated and is not defensible, citing evidence of this collapse and examples of the deviations found in the opponents’ books, as well as the introduction of those who willingly or unwillingly have said the truth or have abandoned the beliefs of the deniers of Ghadir.

۴- Revealing the tricks that the Wahhabi network “Kalameh” performs during some calls to avoid accepting the truth and to distort the content of the call, as well as showing some cases of errors and distortions in the content of the deniers of Ghadir.

۵- The era of the past heavenly religions ended with the Bi’that of the Prophet (peace be upon him), there are pieces of evidence in the Old Testament and New Testament books (compiled by some over the decades after the time of Moses and Jesus) proving that the era of the previous religions came to an end, we have cited these pieces of evidence to invite the People of the Book to Islam.

Advocates of Reappearance —– are the Missionaries of Ghadir.